Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chapter 1

                                                           Facts about Myself 

My name is William David Perkinson, I was born 31 July 1939, in Roanoke Rapids, Halifax County, North Carolina.

My father, William Horace Perkinson, was born 1 June 1899 near Wise, NC in Warren County, Hawtree Township. I called him “Daddy”.

My mother, Lora Gladys Myrick Perkinson was born 24 Oct 1909 near Littleton in Halifax County NC. I called her “Mama”. Myrick was her maiden name.

I have one brother, John Linwood Perkinson. John was born 10 September 1935, in Roanoke Rapids, Halifax County, North Carolina.

When I was a child most people called me David. My nick name was "Perk". As an adult a lot of people call me Dave. My brother John also had a nick name of Perk. A lot of times friends in Norlina would call me Little Perk and call John Big Perk. I have recently learned that John had another nick name when he was in high school. Some of John's friends called him "Big Ugly".

I am right handed.

Years ago, 30 or so, I was six feet tall and weighed 215 or 220 lbs. As I have aged I am now about 5 feet 10 inches and weigh about 170 lbs. I still have some fat around my belly and my waist is about 36 inches.

My eyes are blue.

More about my health later.

I am married, my wife's maiden name is Edith Lorraine Harris. We were married 30 June 1962 in Arcola, Warren County, NC.

Lorraine and I have three children; (1) Sharon Lynne Perkinson born 9 February 1964; (2) Susan Renee Perkinson born 24 March 1966 and (3) William (Bill) David Perkinson, Jr born 11 June 1970.

Lorraine and I have seven grand children; (1) Courtney Shay Perkinson, born 18 December 1988, (2) Kayla Laine Perkinson, born  18 August 1992, (3) Dylan Evans Flesher, born 2 December 1993, (4) William Dalton Perkinson, born 2 September 1994, (5) Devin Taner Sipal, born 15 November 1995, (6) Leah Lorraine Flesher, born 15 October 1996, (7) Lora Selin Sipal, born 27 August 1998.

The job I had the longest was a "Claims Representative" with the United States Government, Social Security Administration. More about that later.

My Perkinson grandparents were John Travis Perkinson and Tabitha Cora Hudson Perkinson. They both died before I was born. John Travis Perkinson was born 6 Oct 1859 and died 23 Jan 1936. His wife Tabitha Cora Hudson Perkinson was born 7 Jan 1865 and died 25 Feb 1928.

My Myrick grandparents were John Calhoun Myrick and Leah Nora Butts Myrick. I called John “Papa” and I called Leah “Mama”. I supposed I did that because that’s what my mother called them. Leah Nora Butts Myrick maiden name was “Butts”. John was born 5 Dec 1882 and died 30 Nov 1968. Leah was born 30 June 1886 and died 5 Nov 1975.


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  2. What a most enjoyable, personal, and interesting post! Ah, memories.... Littleton, Arcola, Wise... takes me back nearly 40 years! You would likely remember "Shearin's BBQ" in the great metropolis of Hollister, NC. My mother's family was from Hollister. (I deleted this post earlier, due to a typo; the "Grammar Nazis" have beaten me well!)