Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chapter 2

 My Grandparents

My Perkinson aunts and uncles did not get together and I did not even know most of them. Two of daddy’s brothers lived in Norlina and I knew them, they were Roscoe and Hiram. Hiram died in 1948 so I didn’t know much about him.

One of Hiram’s son’s Hiram (June) Perkinson lived in Norlina. June had several children that I knew but the were younger than me. I still see some of June’s son’s occasionally.

Roscoe died in 1971 and he was the grandfather of two of my friends, Mildred Mae Floyd and Johnny Floyd.

I would see and knew my Myrick aunts and uncles a lot more often.

My first memories of going to Church were when we went to Calvary Methodist Church near my Myrick Grandparents home. We went to my Myrick grandparents’ on Sunday and in those years we went early enough for Church. Mama played piano at Calvary. So Calvary was my home Church until I was about 10 years old. Later we went to Church at Norlina but I do not remember why that change was made. We still went to my Myrick grandparents on Sunday. We went after Church in Norlina rather than earlier.

Lots of times some of my other relatives would be at my Myrick grandparents’ house. Uncle Clyde and his wife Aunt Clara and their children Jean and Carlton, Uncle Murray, his wife Arlene, and their son, Murray Wilson, Mama's brother Shirley and his wife Julia, and their children, Corliss Ann and Wayne. Elsie Butts Wiley, Grandma’s sister, Edward F. Butts, Grandma’s brother and his son Edward.

We would have Sunday dinner at my Myrick grandparents’ house. A lot of times I would walk over to Carlton and Jean Myrick’s house and go horse back riding with Carlton or riding in his pony cart.

My mother’s brother, Uncle Clyde, owned a farm about ½ mile from my Myrick grandparent’s farm I would see him, Aunt Clara, Jean and Carlton a lot more than other aunts and uncles and their children. My mother other two brother’s Murry and Shirley both lived at Virginia Beach and they did not come to my Myrick grandparent’s as often. Even though Shirley was my uncle I always called Shirley not Uncle Shirley.

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