Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chapter 9

Norlina Methodist Church

Norlina Methodist Church is where I was a member for most of my teen age and early 20’s years.

Mama was the Church pianist, organist, choir director from the time we started going to church there and for at least the next fifty years.

It was seldom if ever that we missed going to Sunday school and Church there. After church we would go to my Myrick grandparents for Sunday dinner and the activities that followed.

The Methodist Church had a Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF) that I was in. The MYF meet about every Sunday night. The Church also provided a place for my Boy Scout troop to meet.

Mama also organized a Boy’s choir and John, Myself, and most of our friends in Norlina were in. The Boy’s choir would sing at the Sunday morning worship service some mornings.

Much of my young years were with Church activities, school activities, playing with my friends and Boy Scouts.

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